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How Do Hormones Affect Eye Health?

We’re going to cover the main hormones that can impact eye health, as well as different life events that can trigger these changes.

Safe Viewing Tips for the Solar Eclipse

Enjoy the eclipse and keep your vision healthy with the right eye protection.

Four Ways Menopause Can Impact Eye Health

The hormonal changes of menopause can impact eye health and quality of life through physical changes and increased risk of common diseases.

How Race and Eye Health Are Interlinked

High quality care is important for everyone, but social, racial, and economic factors mean different communities face different risks.

5 Ways Exercise and Eye Health Are Linked

We all know that exercise carries numerous health benefits, including stronger bones, increased suppleness, improved cardiovascular strength, and reduced inflammation. Well, you can also add better eye health to the list!

4 Resolutions for Healthy Vision in 2024

Eye health is an important part of your overall wellness, but many people aren’t aware of the things they can be doing to take care of their eyes on a regular basis. Even many people with vision insurance aren’t fully aware of their benefits, or taking full advantage of them!

How to Protect Yourself from Diabetes-Related Eye Disease

If you’re living with diabetes, an annual comprehensive eye exam is crucial for your health.