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This year, make caring for your vision a priority.

Healthy vision is a gift many of us take for granted. However, proactive care can keep our vision healthy for longer, improving our quality of life for years to come. Vision insurance is a core benefit for many employees, helping them and their dependents maintain eye health through regular eye exams. Yet often this benefit is disregarded by employees who don’t realize the value they’re leaving on the table. If you’re considering whether to enroll in vision insurance this season, here’s what you should know.

Why Enroll

  • Eye exams are an important part of overall health. Eyes are windows to the soul. Many pathologies can be detected through an eye exam, making regular appointments an essential component of overall physical health.
  • Eye care is for the whole family. Your vision may be perfect—but what about your spouse’s or your children’s? Vision benefits ensure that your whole family is provided for.
  • Vision insurance can save you hundreds of dollars a year. From reduced costs when seeing an eye doctor to discounts on glasses and contacts, vision is one benefit that can prove its worth.
  • Changes in eye health can be hard to spot! Do you notice yourself squinting? Are you experiencing headaches? Do your eyes feel tired at the end of the day? Time to get your eyes checked!
  • Express your personal style! You have more than one pair of shoes. Why one pair of glasses? You don’t have to choose between versatile everyday frames and a bold statement look.
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Heritage Vision Provider Network

We’ve built our provider network from the ground up. Our years of relationship building have helped guarantee the quality of the services our members receive. And with over 31,000 providers nationwide, you can rest assured that there’s a qualified eye doctor at hand to look after your needs.

Heritage Offers Ancillary Benefits


Through our partnership with the National LASIK Network, Heritage members can receive a free LASIK eye exam and save up to $800 or 15% on eye surgery at over 710 locations nationwide.


Did you know that one in nine Americans suffers from hearing loss? Our partnership with Amplifon makes hearing care more accessible and affordable to our members. Find a provider near you.

Download Our Open Enrollment Member Guide: Coming Soon!

Learn more about how vision insurance can benefit you and your family with our most helpful information all in one place.
Download Our Open Enrollment Member Guide: Coming Soon!

Enrollment is Good for Business

The more employees understand their benefits, the more they appreciate them! Offering a strong vision benefits package can help attract eligible candidates to your organization, retain valuable members who are already part of your team, and increase overall job satisfaction among your talent base.
Are you ready to add vision insurance to your benefits package?

Frequently Asked Questions

While we strive to offer the best service and coverage to our members, specific benefit details are set by your employer or group. See your benefit manager to learn more!
  • How do I know I need vision insurance?
    You never know when you or one of your dependents may experience vision loss. Vision insurance has your back, and can even help you detect health conditions early through regular screening.
  • When is open enrollment?
    For individual insurance plans, enrollment is all year! Enroll by the 15th of any calendar month to receive vision coverage starting on the 1st of the following month. So if you enroll by December 15th, coverage will start on January 1st. If you enroll by January 15th, coverage will start by February 1st.
  • Will I be able to find a provider?
    Our network currently includes over 31,000 providers nationwide. Explore our Provider Search Tool to find a doctor in your area.
  • Will it cover surgery?
    Vision plans cover medically necessary procedures, but not elective surgeries such as LASIK. However, Heritage does offer discounts through our partnerships that can make LASIK surgery more affordable to our members.
  • What does vision insurance cover?
    Vision plans cover basic services, such as the cost of eye exams, as well as prescription glasses or contacts. Additional services that are deemed medically necessary may also be covered depending on your vision plan.
  • Who is covered by my vision insurance?
    Heritage offers plans through employers and service groups that can cover individuals or whole families. Talk to your benefit manager to hear about your options!
  • What if I miss open enrollment?
    You may be able to enroll outside the usual period if you have a qualifying life event. These include getting married, moving to a different health plan area, giving birth, adopting a child, or losing your former coverage.
  • What is open enrollment?
    Open enrollment is a window of opportunity where members can sign up for vision coverage or make changes to their current plan.