4 Reasons to Join Heritage as a Provider

Published 11/21/2022
by Heritage Vision Plans

Your success is our success.

At Heritage, we know that the value of our company is built on the foundation of a strong provider network. When our clients choose Heritage, they want to know that their employees will have access to top-quality vision care—which is why it’s a point of pride for us that we’re deeply invested in our relationships with our providers.

Heritage doesn’t rent our network from other companies—we build it ourselves. Every Heritage provider is a business that we’ve established a direct relationship with, and which saw the value in joining our team. Making quality vision care more accessible is important to us, and we are consistently seeking to build new partnerships with community providers. Our clients are in all fifty states, and we need a robust nationwide network to support them.

To that end, we prioritize our relationships with our providers. Heritage goes the extra mile to support your vision care practice, because success for you is success for us too. We want you to get the most out of your relationship with Heritage, so we are personally involved in your onboarding, and we make sure we’re responsive to your billing and customer service needs.

If you are ready to grow your practice, consider partnering with Heritage for these four reasons.

1.   Expand your customer base.

Adding your practice to Heritage’s network helps us connect you with our members who are looking for services. Heritage has clients across the country, and we know that distance is a factor for our members when they are choosing a provider. It’s important to us that we provide a consistent network of coverage wherever our clients and members might need it.

To help our members find providers close to them, we maintain a useful mapping tool on our website that allows members to search any zip code and see results up to 50 miles away. As a Heritage provider, your practice will appear on that map, which increases your visibility to nearby Heritage members and raises the profile of your business in your community.

2.   Expect prompt compensation.

One of Heritage’s biggest advantages is something you might not expect: our small size. We are a lean but mighty team, which allows us to create boutique offerings, communicate quickly, and get results for you faster. We know that reimbursement after services isn’t always a straightforward process—but our direct and transparent relationship with our providers gives them the confidence that we have their business’s best interests at heart.

Heritage’s size makes us efficient, while letting us remain flexible. We can customize our service in ways that aren’t possible for larger corporations. Our size also means that we are eager to hold on to our quality partners, and will go the extra mile to support you. We know that being reimbursed in a timely fashion is vital, especially in a business landscape where income can be unpredictable. Fortunately, we have the resources, and the incentive, to ensure the quick and reliable turnaround times our providers count on.

3.   Our customer service is here for you.

There’s little in life that’s more frustrating than being unable to reach help when you have a concern. While we never expect issues with your Heritage service, we also know better than most what a complicated business insurance coverage can be. That’s why, when you call us, we pick up the phone.

Our goal is for you—and anyone else who’s a part of your practice—to get to know our team, and for our team to understand the needs and priorities of your business. Heritage is a company with deep roots in our community, and we know how important it is to recognize the individuality of both your practice and your patients. Our customer service representatives are committed to supporting you in providing top-quality care to Heritage members, so that when you have a question, you’ll be able to ask someone you trust for answers.

4.   We’ll help you onboard.

At Heritage, we want to make sure that you and your staff are confident in our tools and services. We’d like to earn our place as a valuable part of your business’s success. In order to achieve that goal, we will work together with you throughout your onboarding into our network, familiarizing you with our processes and ensuring you can make the most of your partnership with us.

The idea of adding one more benefits administrator for you and your staff to think about might feel overwhelming, but our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you. We’re committed to providing you with the documentation, tutorials, and personal assistance you need to integrate Heritage into your existing operations smoothly.

Heritage can help you connect with the people who need you.

We’re invested in making high-quality vision care more accessible for everyone. Pursuing that goal means supporting the providers who care for our members. Heritage aims to reduce the friction in the process for members seeking care, and we want to point those patients to your practice.

You and your staff shouldn’t feel like one more piece of paper in a large corporation’s portfolio. We want you to know who Heritage is, and to have the confidence that we will be able to help you with your business needs. If you’re seeking to grow your vision care business, and you’re looking for a transparent, responsive partner in that process, consider joining the Heritage network. Contact us today for more details on becoming a Heritage provider.