4 Reasons Small Is Mighty When It Comes to Vision Insurance

Published 12/12/2022
by Heritage Vision Plans

Here’s why we think of our size as an advantage for our clients.

There’s no doubt that large insurance companies have their advantages. With size come resources, name recognition, and an array of options that can dazzle potential clients. But we’d argue that size isn’t the only thing—or even the most important thing. Instead, what really matters is making sure that your benefits administrator has the right options for you.

That’s why Heritage believes that small is mighty. Every relationship matters to us, and so we make it our top priority to understand your business and what your employees need. We won’t offer you a dizzying array of options—we’ll work with you to come up with a boutique solution that’s right for you. And as we get to know your company, you’ll get to know ours, too. We value personal connections, which is why you’ll see our faces and know our names. That way, when you reach out to us for anything, you can be confident we’ll answer. 

Big has its advantages, but to us, small means flexibility, connection, and responsiveness. Here are four reasons that Heritage believes small is mighty.

    1. More flexibility and options to customize.

To keep their operations manageable, larger insurance companies have to standardize their offerings. At that scale, it’s harder to tailor their services to individual clients. But Heritage is different. 

From day one, Heritage has made it a priority to understand our clients and listen to their needs. It’s an integral part of our client onboarding, so the necessary time is already baked into the way we do business. Our goal isn’t to overwhelm you with choices—it’s to offer you the options that best fit your company and your employees. Your business is unique. Your solutions should be too.

Our smaller size also means we have fewer layers of approvals and red tape—it’s much easier to get our decision-makers on the phone. If a client or a member experiences a problem, we can often respond to it on the spot. If, for example, one of our members arrives at a provider for service and realizes their provider is out-of-network, we can in some cases bring the provider into the Heritage network that same day. The member can take full advantage of their in-network benefits by the time they’re ready to pay. 

    2. Attention to your unique small-business needs.

People can always tell when they’re being treated like a number. And when you’re just one part of a large insurance corporation’s sprawling portfolio, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. At Heritage, we make a point to develop personal relationships with people at every level of your business, whether you’re one of our clients or a provider. We want to know who we’re working with.

We’ve found that building these relationships shows our clients we’ve taken the time to understand them. It’s easier to trust that we have your best interests at heart when you can pick up the phone to ask us questions. Heritage is a family business, through and through, and that means treating our clients like family too: with care and responsiveness.

    3. Customer service representatives who care about your needs as if they were their own.

It’s probably apparent by now that we place a lot of value on personal relationships, and that ideal extends to our customer service representatives. We never want you to experience a problem, but we also know that it’s important to prepare for the unexpected. And when a question comes up, most people want the same thing: to know that someone has their back.

When you call us, we answer the phone. We see every client as key to our success because we can’t afford to see it any other way—and that is why we’re ready to go the extra mile with you in resolving your concerns.

    4. Close local ties for greater community impact.

Heritage works hard to be a trusted benefits administrator for businesses both local and, increasingly, nationwide. We know the value of vision care, and our goal is to connect clients and members with providers that we’re confident will serve them well. Our approach to relationship-building means that we have close ties with political and community leaders, who help us gain insight into what the people and businesses in our area need most—and we have the connections to help make it happen.

We also value every one of our clients because we know they’re not just additional business for us, but an investment we can share with our community, too. Every new client means greater job security for our employees, who entrust Heritage with their livelihoods and wellbeing every day. And when we invest in our employees—who aren’t just our employees, but our neighbors as well—we’re investing in the future of our Detroit community.

When you’re evaluating insurance companies, size isn’t everything. 

Large corporations can marshal a lot of resources, and their range of offerings can impress. But at Heritage, we believe that a wide variety of options doesn’t mean much if you can’t find one that’s right for you. Heritage wants to work together with you to learn about your business. We want to be a trusted partner in your employees’ health, and your company’s success.

Don’t get lost in a big company’s portfolio—work with people who you can be confident are invested in you. If you’re looking for a benefits administrator who understands the unique goals and hurdles inherent in running a business of any size, and who values community as much as you do, contact Heritage Vision Plans today.