4 Reasons Heritage Is an Asset to Your Insurance Portfolio

Published 02/27/2023
by Heritage Vision Plans

Heritage brings extra advantages to the table for agents and brokers.

When your goal is to match a business with the right insurance coverage, we know how important it is to come prepared. Every company is as unique as its people, and the type of plan that meets their specific needs isn’t likely to come from a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone wins when you can offer flexibility and personalization.

At Heritage, we understand the motivation to find the perfect match. We believe in the importance of connecting people with quality vision care, and in the far-reaching impacts that care can have on individuals and their communities. That’s why, for more than 30 years, we’ve prioritized responsiveness and adaptability in our business, built on the basis of strong person-to-person relationships that ensure we understand what our clients need.

Our ability to create boutique offerings for any size of client makes us a powerful option for agents and brokers, and our decades of experience mean that we can slot into a portfolio without increasing your logistical overhead. Deep local roots and diverse leadership also give us the tools to help your clients with more than just the basics of vision insurance. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of partnering with Heritage.

1.   Small is mighty.

Heritage understands the benefits of staying small. We’re a family business—it’s how we started, and we’re committed to staying that way. Our size means that we can be flexible, and can customize our offerings to the needs of individual clients. It also means that we don’t have dozens of layers of communication to work through when you have a question for us. When you need us, we pick up the phone, and we’re able to respond swiftly.

Our provider network spans all fifty states, but we’re a small team who values personal interaction. We know our clients’ names, and they know ours. If you have a client with specialized needs, and who doesn’t necessarily fit with your other offerings, Heritage may be the perfect match.

2.   More options, less hassle.

The last thing you need when trying to grow your business is the added complexity that comes with onboarding. Heritage Vision Plans began in 1991 as a part of Heritage Optical, an established full-service retail dispensary, so vision care services are in our DNA. We have more than 30 years of experience in benefits administration, and our practices have stood the test of time. We know how to run our business—so you don’t have to.

We pride ourselves on maintaining our own provider network. Each practice that joins Heritage represents a relationship we’ve worked for, and is a mark of our hands-on approach to our business. That granular expertise is a win for you: more great offerings for your clients, with fewer hurdles on the way there.

3.   Diverse leadership.

Companies are increasingly looking for opportunities to partner in socially-responsible ways. For many businesses, a significant part of that effort is focused on increasing supplier diversity, and rewarding the quality work of minority-owned and women-led organizations.

Heritage is proud of our roots in the African-American community. Since our founding, one of Heritage’s central priorities has been to provide necessary care to historically underserved communities, a mission which we carry forward in our charitable work to this day. We are a minority- and veteran-owned, women-led company, which gives us the advantage of unique perspectives on the impact of our business. Those perspectives are reflected in our business priorities, and when our clients partner with us, they help us continue to bring the life-changing benefits of high-quality vision care to communities who need it most.

4.   Strong community ties.

Heritage is a nationwide company with a local heart. Our network covers all fifty states, but our roots are undeniably in Michigan. Detroit is where we built the network of relationships that let us thrive and grow our business. We know that our community is the foundation of our success, and loyalty to those relationships is one of our core values.

This emphasis on our neighbors isn’t just the right thing to do, though—it’s also an investment. Our employees are part of the Detroit community, and when our business succeeds, their salaries represent a reinvestment of our success into the neighborhoods that have long supported us. And we view our charitable work in much the same way: providing care to neighbors that need it is work that creates a stronger community for all of us down the road.

Our track record of successful partnerships with the city of Detroit, its institutions, and its leaders, is evidence that the local mindset gets results. And it’s an approach that we know translates well to communities across the country.

Partner with Heritage to offer your clients more.

At Heritage, we’re understandably proud of the company we’ve built, and the history that’s gotten us to where we are today. We’ve seen the sustained success that results from our approach to business: relationship-oriented, responsive, and loyal.

Adding Heritage to your offerings lets you and your clients take advantage of that success, but it also offers more than that. We bring with us the benefits of diverse leadership, our status as a trusted community partner, and flexible, customizable services—all tied together with robust, tried-and-true business practices that make us easy to fit into your existing portfolio. If you want to expand your insurance offerings or reach out to a new kind of client, contact Heritage today to learn more about partnering with us.