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Frequently Asked Questions
About Heritage
Can Heritage Vision Plans service a large corporation?
If company representatives or I have questions, who do I contact?
How can Heritage Vision Plans reduce a company’s vision care plan expenses and still increase the value of the benefit itself? 
If a company’s vision benefits plan are part of its medical plan, can you offer a Heritage plan without changes to its medical coverage?
Agents & Brokers
How extensive is the Heritage Vision Plans Provider Network?
My client is a large corporation. Can Heritage Vision Plans service it?
How will Heritage work with me to design a plan that is right for my client?
Is there information available that will help me explain Heritage Vision Plans value to my clients?
If a company’s vision benefit is part of its medical plan, can you offer the Heritage plan without changes to the medical coverage?
Who should I call if I have questions about my plan?
Who is eligible for this plan and can I cover my dependents?
What does my plan cover?
Do I need an ID card?
How can I obtain a list of Heritage providers?
Do I have to change my vision provider?
Do I have to select a doctor when I sign up for vision?
Do all Heritage providers have the same frame selection?
Can I get both contacts lenses and glasses?
What if I take advantage of a sale, coupon, or other in-store specials at a Heritage provider?
Will I need a reimbursement claim form?
Can I get medically necessary contact lenses?
Is Lasik a covered or partially covered benefit?
If I need medical or surgical treatments for eye disease or eye injury, should I go to a Heritage provider?
How do I join and qualify to become a Heritage participating in-network provider?
Does Heritage Vision Plans accept all types of providers?
How often do you process provider claims?
Can I submit claims electronically?
How will your members know that we are a Heritage Network Provider?
How do I verify a Heritage member?