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An eye-opening network of providers

  • No fees to enroll or participate
  • Competitive reimbursements on exams and material allowances
  • Quick and accurate claims processing
  • Utilize the lab of your choice for lens fabrication
  • Sell from your own frame selection (No "frame kits" or required brands)

When you become a Heritage Vision Plan provider, you join a dynamic, expanding network of eye-care professionals and a growing list of companies they serve.

We recognize that, as an HVP provider, you're the "public face" of the vision care programs we provide, and we value the relationship we have with you.

HVP providers enjoy timely reimbursements and fast, accurate response to questions or concerns. You'll quickly find that interactions like claims processing and overall plan administration are seamless and easy.

Personal service is one of the reasons our network of eye care providers is so stable. We enjoy an extremely low turnover rate. And when it comes to the companies that we and our provider network serve, the retention rate over our 30-year history has been an impressive 99%.

We offer that level of personal service to organizations of all sizes. We invite you to read, in their own words, why they value being part of the Heritage Vision Plans network.